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Laying out fabric

fabric nap, no its not having a sleep, it is the way the fabric has been made, the direction is was knitted or woven. some fabrics have a definite nap like velvet which brush one way its smooth and brushed the other way its like bed hair! some not obvious at all. until you sew it up. and if your pattern pieces were not cut in the same direction, when sewn together and in the right light it is obvious the fabric nap is going in different ways.

so…. rules to lay out fabrics … first i like to have the right side up, so when i come back to a project and the right/wrong sides are difficult to see i know right side is on the outside of paired fabric pieces. second lay my body pieces all in the same direction. so i have the neck of a t-shirt front in place say on the right side with the body running to the left, do the same with the neck of the back and sleeve head/shoulder all going from right to left. i even do this if cutting out the lil gumnut hat so a wee outfit has same nap direction. third, be efficient with your fabric, try not to waste any keep scraps for little projects like the gumnut hat or bibs or a quilt.

in some fabric the nap is quite obvious……

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