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we let children play with new toys, let them discover the joys they bring. you should treat your sewing machine the same way. get scraps of fabric and see what it can do. use different stitches, at different widths and lengths, on one layer of fabric, or two or three, on the edge. I discovered a great way to hem skirts by having a fiddle around with my scallop stitch. in the same vein, you need to know how your machine, needles and tools work when sewing. play will allow you to get to know how your machine works and what stitches and seams you are being asked to do in pattern.

so grab pieces of woven and knit fabric and play on your machine. try out the basic stitches, try using a twin needle and applying elastic with the running stitch. also get a ‘feel’ for your machine on different types of fabrics. practice seams, hems, buttonholes, attaching ribbing and any other stitch or seam you want to have a play with. a great way to start sewing these patterns is to use recycled clothing, in both knit and woven fabrics, to make your very first projects. it means you will create a sample item to test on your child for best fit and you can see where the pattern will need adjusting so you can confidently purchase fabrics to create clothing from. experiment like your little scientist!

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