Trousers: sizes – 2 -1 0 yrs


Sewing level: intermediate.


Construction processes: sewing seams, creating pockets, clipping, attaching a waistband, inserting elastic, neatening fabric, hemming.


Requirements for project:


Fabric- Woven fabric:  choose a light to medium weight fabric weight such as cotton, denim, corduroy, flannel or

a light soft wool.


Length required:   2 yrs- 0.65 m,     4 yrs- 0.75 m,

                              6 yrs- 0.85 m,     8 yrs- 1.1 m,

                             10 yrs- 1.2 m.  


Notions: Matching thread, 10-15mm elastic,

machine needle – sharp.


Tools: Sewing machine, (over-locking machine if available), scissors, pins, iron/ironing board.

Trousers- sizes 2 - 10 yrs- PDF pattern

  • How to print your SEWNZ sewing pattern

    How to Print with Adobe Reader – free downloadable programme.

    First download PDF file to your computer folders- documents/pictures.

    Open PDF with Adobe Reader,

    go to File then to Print,

    Select All pages in Page to print,

    Select Actual size in Page & Size Handling,

    Select Auto in Orientation.

    You can select specific pages to print and in colour to see each size.

    Patterns have a 2-3 cm overlap on each side, line them up and cellotape together